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Sit In Stillness and Be with Your Team and Guides

Today the energy is all about being in stillness.

Use today's cup to sit in stillness and "be" with your Teams and Guides.

This cup was inspired by the master class this past Saturday on Increasing Your Connection with Your Team and Guides.

When you move into stillness and sit with your Team and Guides you build an energetic muscle that increases your capacity to connect with your Team and Guides.

Do you feel a shift when you listen to today's cup?

  • Reference an appropriate dimension where you and your body can sit with your Teams and Guides where you have the ability to sit and be in the presence of each other.
  • Chant... "reference an appropriate dimension for connection, in stillness, and calm."
  • Invite your Team and Guides to move into a place of stillness and connect with their Essence.
  • Light language chant to help you sit in council and perceive your Team and Guides.
  • Light language translation, "Encircle me, come close in a realm where we can be with you in quiet and calm."

In an appropriate dimension sit with your Team and Guides in stillness and calm.

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This is one to listen to often ... :) Thanks, Aleya!
January 31st 2024
Calmer... Thank YOU
January 29th 2024