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7 minute audio meditations to help increase energetic protection, safety, and empowerment.

Unplug from the Shock of Mass Consciousness

This Cup is more like a mini session. 
Use this Cup to unplug from the shock, anxiety, stress, fear, and unsettled energy that is being held in mass consciousness. 
The world is going through a major outer change. Many have not yet made the inner change. The outer change is shaking things up and is an opportunity to make the inner change. You may have already made this inner change, and are now feeling the empathic sensations of the shock in the world.  For a time there is shock, and then the waves of emotion begin to roll.  Imagine positively impacting 100,000 people or more as you hold the quality of what you value inside yourself.

  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Teams to reference how some part of you is being impacted by mass consciousness.
  • Send energetic information to everyone at the level of their Higher Selves. (When you send energetic information the empathic sensation releases.)
  • Return all empathic sensations.
  • Return all responsibility.
  • Lift your fabric of wisdom and mastery off of everyone and back to yourself.
  • Recognize your fabric works only on you.
  • Hold your attachment in your own divine cosmic loop.
  • Hold space and compassion for others who are in shock.
  • When someone who is in shock feels safe they begin to process through their waves of emotion.
  • Think of one quality you want everyone to embody.
  • What is the one quality you value the most at this time.
  • As you determine that quality, amplify that quality in your own divine cosmic loop.
May you model a calm connected energy inside yourself as you move around in your own world/ i.e. home.


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Comments & Discussion

thank you. just what I needed. :)
April 6th 2020
P.s. later yesterday the heaviness lifted....and still today! grateful
March 26th 2020
Thank you Aleya, My Body Diva was holding on to shock, I was controlling, holding onto the freeze response, Many Blessings
March 26th 2020
Thank you so much for your feedback!!!
March 25th 2020
Perfect timing for us all, thanks!
March 25th 2020
I so appreciate this wisdom. Thank you Aleya β™‘
March 25th 2020
This is perfect. Thank you so much!
March 25th 2020
Thank you Aleya...! xo
March 25th 2020
This is greatly appreciated πŸ™πŸ‘β€οΈSpot on😊
March 25th 2020
Thanks so much for this path of light.
March 25th 2020
Beautiful πŸ’
March 25th 2020
Thank you so very much, Aleya. I so needed that reminder in the way that you provided it. Many Blessings and Love...
March 25th 2020
Feel so much better and ready to hold a space of peace. Thank you!
March 25th 2020
Thank you Aleya for finding the deeper pieces of why the energetics of what is outside of us in the present moment effects us so, and then how to change that while modeling the solution. So very much appreciated
March 25th 2020
Thank you wise woman. Your work is appreciated!
March 25th 2020
Aleya, I can't thank you enough for this powerful meditation, so perfect for right now. As a front line provider of mental health services, I have been immersed in mass consciousness. I so appreciate the love and support you send out to us!
Many Blessings!!!!
March 25th 2020
Such a helpful grounding message thanks so much Aleya
March 25th 2020