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Use the Sounds of the Whales and Dolphines to Clean A Space and Objects

Use this double-shot and the etheric sounds of the whales and dolphins to cleanse all of the objects and spaces in your life. Perfect for Spring cleaning!

When your space is energetically clean clarity, inspiration, and motivation flow.

If you have a hard time decluttering a space, first clean it energetically and then it will be easier to clean physically.

And... listen to the Energetic Weather update for the Spring cleaning/purge/release we are in.

  • Hold awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Teams to reference a realm where can connect with the whales and the dolphins.
  • Imagine these beings encircling you in a galactic sky.
  • We invite the Cetaceans to connect with you at the level of your Higher Self.
  • We invite the Whales and the dolphins to reference all of the objects and spaces that you are a steward to.
  • Invite the Whales and dolphins to sing/tones to all of these objects, spaces, and places.
  • Invite them to use their sounds to awaken the essence of all of these objects.
  • Your space is cleaned, harmonized, and awakened to its essence.
  • Whale song spinning their sounds on your objects.
  • Take a moment to thank them for helping you clean your objects and spaces.

Use the sounds of the whales and dolphins to clean all of the objects and spaces that you steward.

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Comments & Discussion

Oh my! So empowering, yet so gently presented as only the whales and dolphins can do. Yes, a Magic Pack!
April 24th 2022
April 23rd 2022
Ooooooooh this was a magic pack!!!!
April 22nd 2022
I am grateful for the support of the dolphins & whales & for your sharing. Namasté
April 22nd 2022
Exactly what is needed at this time. 🔯
April 22nd 2022
Thank you Aleya, this was a wonderful reminder of our Stewardship and the Nature Devas! I am looking forward to your Tall Cup and the information about these Chewy times!
April 22nd 2022
Very helpful. Love this, thank you 💜
April 22nd 2022