Protection, Security, Safety

7 minute audio meditations to help increase energetic protection, safety, and empowerment.

Weave New Vibrational Roots

Weave a new energetic root structure with this double-shot.

If you have been feeling spacey, swirly, anxious, or ungrounded that is an indicator that you have been feeling an old root structure falling away.

Hold a conscious awareness and weave a new supportive root structure in a harmonic realm that is incredibly supportive.

This is a great Cup to help clear anxiety, feeling ungrounded, spacey, or disoriented.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and teams to reference your old root structure that is dissolving.
  • Reference a harmonic realm where you could weave a new energetic root structure that is strong, vibrant, dynamic, and empowered.
  • Light language chant to help you weave a new root system that has the ability to support you in moving into greater alignment, flow, and clarity.
  • Light language translation weave supportive strong balanced roots that have the ability to support you are you move into more harmonic realms and embrace the new current of light streaming onto the planet while maintaining balance, clarity, and calm.

Weave a new energetic root structure that is incredibly supportive, balanced, and calm.

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July 22nd 2022
Thank you Aleya :). On Tuesday this week after the Tall Cups Session I woke up so disoriented. I never related it to the information you shared about the dissolving energy roots as I fell asleep at the end of the Tall Cups Monday evening. 'I had a total awareness of disconnection, why am I here, nothing matters any longer'. I found this odd as I had been grounding all weekend in beautiful Stanley and into my divine line. NOW it all makes sense resonating to the above second cup - Letting go of the old roots and NEW ROOTS being woven. Yellow sticky on my mirror reminding me :). BIG THANK YOU for that explanation... feeling so grounded today.
July 22nd 2022
Wonderful thank you Aleya!! 😍🌹
July 22nd 2022
Wow, these two recordings were absolutely amazing for me.. powerful, imediate sense of stabilizing comfort, calm, and safety. Thank you so much, Aleya. Also, your message yesterday about "feeling off" arrived like a sweet, little fairy in divine timing (when I really needed it). Thanks again. Peace & Love
July 22nd 2022
July 22nd 2022