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Clean Liver, Clear Eyes, Strengthen Tendons, Calm Emotions

Use this Cup to clean your liver.

When your liver is happy you will feel a greater current of flow, grace, and easy.

In Chinese Medicine the liver controls the eyes, ligaments, tendons, and enables you to be a free and easy wanderer.

When the liver is tight or burdened irritability, blurry vision, headaches, and depression can occur.

  • Hold our energy and awareness in your divine line.
  • Place your hands upon your liver and take a few deep breaths into that place.
  • Invite your body deva to reference its etheric liver.
  • Invite your body deva to reference the vibration within its etheric liver.
  • Bring in appropriate sounds, light, and codes to help clean the liver.
  • Repair, replace, heal, and align all of the crystalline structures within and around the etheric liver.
  • Clear all empathic grids and bundles off of the etheric liver.
  • Retrieve all fragments of the etheric liver.
  • Return all fragments that do not belong to your body that are being held in the liver.
  • Clean, balance, and align the etheric liver.
  • Bring the etheric liver into the appropriate frequency that supports health, balance, flow, and ease.
  • Reflect that clean light and vibration into its eyes, tendons, ligaments, and emotional fields.

Use the light streaming onto the planet to help clean your liver, strengthen your eyes, tendons, ligaments, and soothe the emotions.

Listen to this powerful, supportive TALL Cup session.

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This is a powerful meditation! Thank you Aleya!! 💖
April 11th 2022
Thank you, Aleya. ❤❤❤
April 11th 2022
Thank you, Aleya. ❤❤❤
April 11th 2022
April 11th 2022
Thank you for this - it was wonderful
April 11th 2022
Thank you for the much needed assistance.
April 11th 2022