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Clean and Heal the Liver

This first Cup is a powerful protocol that can help you heal the Liver.

Your liver controls and affects your eyes, tendons, and ligaments.

Your liver can also be linked with skin conditions, achy joints, and headaches.

When your liver is happy your body will feel more vibrant and healthy.

This Cup can be helpful to use during the full Moon, which can excite the Liver. When the Moon is full sleep may be fitful. Irritation, impatience, and clumsiness can occur when the Moon is filling.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite your body to reference  its etheric form.
  • Invite your body to reference its etheric liver.
  • Invite your body to reference any discordant tones in the liver.
  • Invite your body to infuse harmonic tones, light, and colors into the liver.
  • Clean the etheric liver.
  • Invite the dolphins to emit healing cleaning tones into your body's etheric liver.
  • Light language to help heal your liver.
  • Bring all control back to the divine line.
  • Reflect that heal and aligned control into the third chakra.
  • As the etheric liver comes back into balance the electrical and magnetic energy within and around the liver.

Heal your etheric liver with sound, light, and energetic codes.

This combination of Cups can help you heal from any exposure to toxic substances, injections, or food additives as well. (These two protocols were inspired by a few sessions where people were having adverse reactions; thus, these protocols were born. These two Cups might also help if you have allergies or reactions to certain foods.)

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Comments & Discussion

August 21st 2021
Hi Aleya, Loving these powerful healings, Would they heal cigarettes toxin? from when mother smoked, while in the womb? I find wearing face masks an issue, I dont like my nose confined, the feel of hot breath, restriction, lack of liberty. Also I dont want the jab, I feel a 'witch hunt' they are smoking out those who are resisting, lack of liberty, and choice, cant travel.
August 20th 2021
So powerful and helpful!
August 20th 2021
Hi Aleya
could you create a cup on how to deal with the frustration and the depression caused by wearing masks, and also not having freedom to make ones own choice about it?
August 20th 2021
Possibly my favorite cup I have ever heard… resonated so deeply with this one. Thanks so much Aleya
August 20th 2021