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Clean the Etheric Blood of Ancestral Energies

Clean your etheric blood with this Cup.

Your blood can carry ancestral energies and patterns.

When your blood is in alignment with the essence of your body, health flows.

  • Hold your awareness in the present breath of now.
  • Invite your body to reference its etheric blood.
  • Invite your body to clean its blood of all ancestral energies.
  • Bring in sounds, colors, light, and energetic codes to help your body clean its blood of all vibrations that are not its essence.
  • Invite your body to activate the vibration of its essence in its etheric blood.
  • Amplify the light in its divine cosmic loop and reflect its essence into its blood.
  • Toning to assist the cleaning of the blood.

Hold space for your body to clean its etheric blood with tones.

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Sooo Soothing! Namasté
April 27th 2022
So powerful and deeply appreciated Aleya.
April 27th 2022
So grateful! 🥰
April 27th 2022
I'm in the middle of a cleanse, this is so timely! Exactly what I needed! Wonderful Aleya :)
April 27th 2022
April 27th 2022
Your toning was absolutely beautiful very comforting soothing. This is a great meditation thank you so much
April 27th 2022
The toning have me chills. 🥰💚
April 27th 2022