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Heal Kidneys - Winter - Water Element

Heal your water element and kidneys with this Cup. 

The winter and the water element rule the Kidneys.

Use this time to deeply heal your water element and kidneys.

The kidneys also control the teeth, head hair, hearing, and the emotions of trust and fear.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite your body deva to reference its etheric kidneys and water element.
  • Bring in appropriate vibrational tones, codes, colors, and light that balance your water element and heals your etheric kidney's.
  • Repair the crystalline within and around the kidneys and adrenals.
  • Bring the crystalline structures around the kidneys and adrenals into the appropriate vibration.
  • Release any bundles of fear that do not belong to your body.
  • Invite your body top process emotions in a realm that feels safe and supportive.
  • Invite your body to trust the light of it essence that flows in its divine line.

Use the winter time to heal your kidneys and balance your water element.

If you have been having thoughts or fears around attack, here is a little bundle of Cups that I created to help you release any fear of being attacked.

Audio Sample


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Dear Aleya, the timing for this and the bundle you included could not have been better!. My deepest appreciation and gratitude for your abundant sharing of your amazing gifts. Namaste
December 19th 2021
December 18th 2021
December 17th 2021
December 17th 2021