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Hold Space For Your Body to Have Its Emotions/Fear

Use this Cup to hold a safe space for your body to feel to heal. 
When the light streaming onto the planet increases, awareness increases. 

This triggers the awareness of emotions that have been under the surface. 

These emotions rise up to the surface... as your capacity for awareness increases.

When your body has fear it is actually using that emotion to change its vibration and evolve, in a good way. 

When you, the Soul rider, hold space for your body to have emotions, these waves of emotion can then move through your body. Help the body ride the waves to a higher ground.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Connect with your body at the level of its Higher Self.
  • Reflect to your body its emotions.
  • Hold space for your body to feel into any fear or other emotions it might have.
  • Create a safe container for your body to be in whatever emotion it needs to be in.
  • Encourage your body to be in its emotional experience.
  • Use that emotion to ride the waves to higher ground and change its vibration.

Hold a safe space for your body to evolve using its emotions.

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Comments & Discussion

Karyn DoveHawk
I know those waves are there and so thank you for the aid in accessing them! My dreams are telling me another layer of loosing my abundance is coming up - I’m so over these dreams that have me starting all over again, with roommates, and a shack of a house I have to repaint. LOL.
August 19th 2021
Amazing-love it💜
August 19th 2021
So very interesting Jenny and experience was similar yesterday. Although vaccinated and careful I'm going through the experience of Delta variant and tapped into archaic personal and collective fears with a dramatic positive shift in my physical as the feelings arose and moved through. Dear Aleya thank you profoundly for this soothing soothing further integration today. 💕💕💕
August 18th 2021
Very similar experience as what Jenny shared… waves of deep emotion kept coming yesterday and just needed to be allowed… this cup felt so fitting and helpful. Thanks Aleya 🙏
August 18th 2021
Thank you for today’s Cup. Perfect timing as yesterday I kept having waves of emotions come up so quickly! As I woke up from sleep yesterday my body wanted to cry, so I let her. Then mid-day she wanted to cry and be alone, so I let her, and then early evening she was tired and I had to leave my company to go cry and be alone again. She was very insistent!! ❤️
August 18th 2021
Beautiful 😍
August 18th 2021
Amazing .
August 18th 2021
August 18th 2021