Release, Clear, Repair, Recalibrate

7 minute audio meditations to help you release unhealthy patterns and behaviors. Re-pattern yourself with healthy vibrations. Repair and heal.

Reflect and Adjust Your Inner Stance

Use this Cup to give time to reflect and adjust your inner stance.

Ponder all of the shifts you have experienced in your life and how you wish to adjust your inner stance for a new chapter.

This Cup can help you shift your inner stance in a way that is empowering and supportive.

  • Hold your awareness in this present moment and in your divine line.
  • Think about an inner stance that you wish to embody in the coming year.
  • What is it that you wish to release... what do you wish to bring in?
  • Give yourself time to ponder that inner shift that has the ability to serve, support, and empower you.
  • Sit with your Guides and advisors and reflect upon all that you have experienced and how you have grown.
  • Ponder in a higher realm. 
  • Discern an appropriate course that supports you in a beautiful, empowered, and abundant way.
  • Toning and light language to help you make an inner vibrational shift that supports you.

Ponder and adjust your vibration for a new chapter.

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December 29th 2021
This was the most perfect cup for my birthday !
December 29th 2021