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Release a Discordant Way of Being - End of Lunar Cycle and Mercury Retrograde

Use this Cup to release at the end of the lunar cycle coupled with Mercury Retrograde.

This is a perfect time to bring awareness to that which no longer works for you and to let it go. Use the energy to shift, release, and evolve out of a discordant way of being into a healthier, harmonic way of being... the connected, the bounty, the positive, the sweetness, the joy.... 

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Identify a discordant way of being that you want to let go of the critique, the controller, the fixer, the not enough, apathy, or negativity.
  • As you reference this way of being that you wish to shift inside yourself ponder the why you are holding this discordant way of being.
  • Craft a healthier way of being.
  • Weave a new vibrational fabric around you that holds a healthy way of being.

Weave a healthy vibrational fabric around you.

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Comments & Discussion

October 5th 2021
Very helpful! Thanks
October 4th 2021
Perfect timing. We’ve looked at this issue before. Nice to come back to it with more Knowledge and ways to identify whose energy is this. Realizing that it’s mine from a past life and I no longer need it. Releasing it. I’ll revisit this one a few more times to make sure everything is cleared. Thank you very much Aleya
October 4th 2021
So helpful
October 4th 2021