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When Your Move to a Higher Vibration Release Negative Karma

This Cup is a protocol about a concept that I talked about in my practitioner coaching circle this week. 

As you move to a higher vibration (i.e., a more harmonic vibration in your divine line), you move into more harmonic realm/dimension.

When you move into a more harmonic dimension, you are then able to heal the past when you were engaged in a discordant way of being. 

You may perceive that you are getting karmically kicked as you evolve.

This concept and Cup can help you neutralize the kick and create a gentle supportive flow.

This Cup is a bit advanced and there are lots of layers, so let go of the mind and let some energetic aspect of you do the work in the higher realms.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Teams to reference a dimension where you can sit in council with your guides, advisors, and the Lords of Karma.
  • Explore any karma that is getting triggered at this time.
  • Reference the incarnation in the past that has not been healed that is triggering any negative karma.
  • Go back in time and activate all vibrations of all spiritual lessons. Learn from these moments.
  • Activate the vibration of the spiritual lesson in your divine cosmic loop.
  • Do a full debrief.
  • Return fragments, return, and retrieve responsibility, allow for a deep healing.
  • Ripple the healing through the time-spiral continuum.
  • Dissolve negative karma in the past.
  • Recalibrate your grids.

Heal the past and release the negative karma as you move to a higher vibration.

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Comments & Discussion

Listened 3 times in a row. Sensation of a healing echo ricocheting through chambers of time, along layers of energetic geometric patterns. Deeply soothing.
September 2nd 2021
Unbelievable ! Aleya when I saw this meditation I saw instantly how miraculously I am being guided by the Divine! Infinitely Grateful to you and your practice 🧚‍♂️🪙
September 1st 2021
Perfect timing for what I am experiencing right now , Thank you Aleya!
September 1st 2021
Thank you for this cup and healing from a past challenge! So so helpful for exactly what I'm experiencing right now! Deep deep gratitude for these tools ! Aleya, thank you 💞🙏🥰🙏💜
September 1st 2021