Terms & Definitions and Using the Daily Cups of Consciousness Meditations

This page will give you suggestions on how to listen and use the daily Cups of Consciousness meditations as well as definitions for the terms I use in the Daily Cups of Consciousness meditations and TALL Cups of Consciousness sessions.



Body Deva - The Nature Consciousness of your physical human form.

Divine Line
 - The river of light that carries your essence and flows down the front of your spine. It connects to the heart of Source and runs down to the heart of Earth. It is about 1 to 2 inches in diameter. It resides in your body and is a form of energy / light that carries the vibration of your essence. 

         CLICK HERE or below for details of the Divine Lines of you and your Body Deva.      



Energetic Grids - Energetic lines of light that connect energies.


Energetic Hologram  - A multi-dimensional sphere containing information, consciousness, and vibrations.


Energy Fields surround you like a sphere. They hold vibrations and consciousness that affects how you feel, what you think, and what you draw to you.


Guides - Beings of love and light who surround you in the higher realms.


Higher Self - The higher vibrational aspect of your essence.


Reference Point - A reference point is a way of looking at the world. It is a way of viewing, experiencing, and perceiving the world. It is a lens we see through. When you see a stop sign, that is your reference point to stop. We place our reference points on external and internal energies as a way to connect with particular vibrations.


Sphere - An orb of energy and light that holds consciousness.


Your Team - Energetic beings who surround you and assist you in this lifetime. As children we may have remembered them and experienced them as our imaginary friends.






The Daily Cups of Consciousness meditations provide guidance and clarity as you move in the world.  Using the daily meditations assist you in shifting your way of growing and evolving. 



For daily or monthly support Aleya has created the daily and TALL Cups of Consciousness and has also written a book Seven Cups of Consciousness.
You can pick from these offering as often as you wish and let your intuition guide you, which will support appropriate integration.
Aleya recommends one daily cup a day and then every three weeks one TALL Cup.
She recommends not doing more than one TALL Cup every week or two, and not ever doing more than three daily cups a day.



Often people use drama and pain to create situations for growth. Do the daily meditations and use the focus of each day to grow and evolve from a place of empowerment instead of using illness, pain, and suffering. 


The effects of the daily meditations are cumulative - the more you listen the more powerful they become. You will develop your awareness of yourself as a multidimensional being.  You will change the way you perceive and interact with yourself, your body, others, and the world. The effects will deepen over time.  Mastering the principles may take three months; it may take a year. Take the step of living an empowered, balanced, healthy, and abundant life with these daily meditations.


Q & A


  • Question: Do the daily meditations REPLACE the morning grounding and setting up your energy fields meditation that you have online?  AnswerThe daily meditations can be used alone or with other meditations. You can experiment and see what supports you and what you have time for. The daily meditations keep you energetically updated on all of the shifts that are occurring on the planet.
  • Question: I had been doing "The Morning" meditation and then later doing the Daily Cups meditation and before bed I do the "Clear Your Fields at the End of the Day" meditation. For the last 2 weeks I have not been able to get to all of them, sometimes only accomplishing one of them each day. Would all 3 be the most beneficial? Answer:  All three are helpful, but just do what you have time for. You can also multi-task as you listen to them. The work still happens in your fields.
  • Question: Are the Daily Cups meditations more current and in-tune to the vibration of NOW and should I forget about the others you have online? Should I JUST focus on the daily meditations?  Answer: The daily meditations are current and specific for each day.  However, if you have a particular issue arising, definitely use any meditation from your online meditations library that focuses on your need.  Use them both as the need arises, and as you have time. For deeper shifts, healing, and guidance, use the hr-long TALL Cups of Consciousness video sessions and the DEEP Dive Video Intensives. 
  • Question: When a meditation is instructing me to connect with particular aspects do I need to envision all of these instructions at once for the connection to really happen? Answer: No. Let yourself feel the work as opposed to watching it from the mind. You can simply trust that it is being done energetically.
  • Question: Can I play your meditations and TALL Cup sessions quietly in the background while I am doing tasks around the home or sleeping? Answer: Yes. The work still gets absorbed in your energy fields. It is safe to sleep with the cups playing very quietly in the background.
About emotional and physical sensations while listening....
From Aleya...."Many people have reported to me that either while listening or after listening to my music or meditations they experience an emotional release or they body twitches, tingles, has migrating pain and then clears, get headaches, or nausea, as something lifts up and out. Every-ones experience is different. Some people feel nothing, while other people have an enlightenment moment or deep profound healing. What ever your experience is recognize some part of you and your body are tapping into your own healing current and are using the sounds and energy to move into greater health, connection, and balance. When your body tingles and wiggles during or after the experience what is happening is your cellular tissue is literally shifting it's vibration, releasing old discordant energies, and is moving into a higher more vibrant healthy vibration.
Recommendations: Drink lots of water, rest after listening if you felt a big shift, release, or tingles. Be gentle with yourself, and sip on the music and cups slowly. It is powerful medicine, a little goes a long way.

HOW I DO WHAT I DO (TECHNICALLY): *I am a tiny computer technology geek and love gear.

My Live Tele-Video TALL Cups and Deep Dive Sessions: I use the service Webinar Jam for my video streaming and Free Conference Call for the telephone service for conference calls.


My Water Sound Table: A home built table with speakers under it. (I ordered the water bladder from a company on the East Coast.

More About The Sound Table

Audio Recordings

Step 1 - Be in a quiet space.

Step 2 - I use the Apollo Twin interface and a CAD E100S microphone. I record in 24 bit, .wav format (for the geeks out there).

Step 3 - I take the recording directly into Logic on my Mac.


For my one on one session and when I am traveling I record using my RO9HR Edirol recorder and a high-end lavaliere microphone from Sweetwater.