One on One Session with a 7 Cups of Consciousness Practitioner

Each practitioner has studied with Aleya exclusively for 3 years or more. They have each completed 2 year intensive practitioner training with Aleya as well as being coached on utilizing the protocols in their one on one sessions.

Nina Lynch

Do you feel like you’ve been “beat up” by the world?

Do you feel like you’ve lost your magical self?

Do you feel on edge, anxious, or critical because of that?

Would you like to move into a soft, sweet world? A world that reminds you of your magic – a world where you are completely connected and at peace….

Imagine being so deeply calm and connected. Imagine being surrounded by playful and supportive nature spirits. Imagine being open to receive their empowering messages whenever you need their guidance, almost as if on tap. Imagine feeling inspired and supported by their beautiful realm that holds so much magic, sweetness, peace, and joy. And imagine always being gentle with yourself, no matter what is happening in your outer world.

I get it. You’re just so tired and done with how edgy and hard the outer world can be. The outside world can be so loud and critical. You can be too sensitive and tender. You don’t want to be affected by the hardness you see every day. You want everything to be gentle. You long for a sense of deep inner peace and connection. You think back to your childhood and how you used to play and be so connected to nature and the magical nature realms; a time when everything made sense. If only you could go back to that time…. And you can!

Feel Inspired and Remember Your Magic

There are so many nature spirits, and you have the ability to connect with any of the nature spirits who call to you, whether that be the sea creatures, dragons, wood elves, crystal people, fairies, flower people, wind, or any creature you imagine. When you connect with your favorite nature spirits, you tap into an entire realm that is able to model particular ways of being to you that can support and inspire you. You feel a deep sense of peace, gentleness, and connection. They remind you of how to be gentle with yourself, how to sprinkle magic into your life, and how to receive whatever is it that you desire. They also know how to make life more fun! A whole world is open to you.

Healing with the Nature Spirits

Whatever blocks or challenges you may currently be experiencing, the nature spirits and I will guide you to gently shift and dissolve these whether they are rooted in past traumas from this life or past lifetimes. When you dissolve these painful moments, you will feel lighter, more connected, and more at peace. You will feel more empowered to move forward with ease and curiosity. You will feel so lovingly supported by the nature spirits as they encircle you and reflect to you your own deep wisdom. You will be able to fully step into your magic and joy.

Pets: Working with animals is one of my super powers. Because of my deep connection to the nature kingdom, I can quickly and gracefully connect with your pet. If your pet is experiencing a challenging behavior or physical ailment, I work with the nature spirits to support them in healing or shifting into a more harmonic way of being. I also work with pets who are nearing the end of their life by assisting them to set up a debrief to make their transition to the spirit world more peaceful, graceful, and with ease.

About Me: My mystic energy emerged at the age of two when I began telepathically communicating with the nature spirits on my childhood farm. Being so young, I didn’t think it was out of the ordinary, and I felt incredibly soothed and connected when I communicated with them. In 2009, I obtained my Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University. I then went on to further my education by completing the Seven Cups of Consciousness Energetic Practitioner training with Aleya Dao. I have always loved and felt connected to other dimensions, the nature spirits, Mother Earth, and magical beings. My vibe is gentle, kind, and gracious with fluidity and ease.

Free 30 min. Introductory Session: $0.00
45 minute Session: $95.00
60 minute Session: $135.00
75 minute Session: $165.00

I am in such gratitude for Nina's remarkable gifts and skills in animal communications. Nina's guidance has been so loving ,energetically clean and clear and above all VERY helpful - for both me and my beloved cat, Shadow.

Shadow began a mysterious (to me ) rapid decline in health and wellbeing in late October. I tried everything in the physical realm to assist her - but nothing was shifting . While I have been tending to my own spiritual /energetic practices for many years , and always sensed that Shadow and I are very connected in the higher realms - Nina's energetic work with Shadow affirmed what I had sensed AND explained how she was already in a transitional phase. While I was so sad that she was transitioning - I was so comforted in having Nina's direct communication with her ( and then being able to translate all that information back to me ).

I was an emotional wreck in terms of doubting whether it was really her "time" to go (which it was). Nina's direct communication with Shadow's spirit was essential for ME to understand the process she was going through and what I needed to do to assist her with as gentle a transition as possible . Nina was so patient with me as she gently shared with me that Shadow was waiting for ME to be ready (which I thought for sure I was- but alas I was not ! )

While I am missing Shadow so much in my physical life (mostly her purring whilst perched upon my chest ) I can indeed sense her in the higher realms and I am forever grateful for Nina's work- and I am sure Shadow is as well !!!
Carolyn 11/28/2023
Nina was able to connect with me and create a safe space as we took a journey to figure out why I've been feeling blocked in some areas of my life.
Using her intuition and soothing voice, she guided me to drop in and feel what I need more of in my life and a path to get there. I felt so relaxed after our session and a new sense of freedom.
Kim 06/22/2022
I worked with Nina to help the animals and nature spirits on my property who have passed and are about to pass. Prior to working with Nina, I felt heavy grief lingering around myself and the animals when I thought of how they had passed. After working with Nina, I felt light, joyful, and relieved. Nina's warm, kind, and wise presence made me feel at peace.
Winslow 05/05/2022
Nina has a deep intuitive grasp/hold on modeling appropriate vibrations. I deeply felt and saw the vibrations she was inviting me, my body deva and teams to activate and amplify which made it easier to do. I also felt whole and complete in the activating and amplification of the vibrations.

Nina captures the questions in a felt sense and reads the layers of energy in a way that clarifies the questions and set up the next step to release and retrieve appropriate energies.

Nina's sight, wisdom and connection with the nature spirits and her ability to model that gift, had it be, that I saw and felt more clearly my ability to ground and connect to my magical connected nature gifts.
Deb 05/05/2022
Free 30 min. Introductory Session: $0.00
45 minute Session: $95.00
60 minute Session: $135.00
75 minute Session: $165.00

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