One on One Session with a 7 Cups of Consciousness Practitioner

Each practitioner has studied with Aleya exclusively for 2 years or more. They have each completed a one year intensive practitioner training with Aleya as well as being coached on utilizing the protocols in their one on one sessions. Please contact the practitioners via the site once you have booked a session with them. Please do not contact them on their social media platforms because they may not check their messages regularly. Thank you.

Jenna Wilson

Do you wish you could shake the grip of societal expections?

Sweep away the cobwebs of dysfunctional patterns and even ancestral ties from your head and heart?

Would you like to feel more passion for all that you do? Feel like your life has a deeper purpose and your heart feel more full?

Our time together can feel like a gentle breeze of fresh air, like a deep cleaning of your soul, or anything in between! Move forward in your life with a greater sense of trust, freedom, purpose, and safety. Align with your soul's highest purpose, and let your greatest life unfold with ease. 

My story...

I am a mother, a widow, a midwife, a nature-lover, and yearner for deep, authentic connection. 

I spent most of my life feeling like I didn't fit in, and trying to figure out how to be more like the "others." 

Through a long and sometimes painful process of growth, loss, realization, and release, I've come to embody a new perspective of permission to be unapologetically me. This does not mean being rude or discounting others' experiences. But it does mean putting my needs before others' at times, and breaking free of what society tells us we "should" be doing. 

Through our sessions, we will release that which no longer serves you, blocks known and unseen, and chip away to reveal the "you-est" you you can ever be. Like a marble statue, your true self already exists underneath the patterns created to survive. Let's find the masterpiece beneath so that you can live in your full glory. 

One On One Session: $185.00

Working with Jenna feels connected, supported, and and calm.
Anonymous 09/13/2022
One On One Session: $185.00