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Each practitioner has studied with Aleya exclusively for 3 years or more. They have each completed 2 year intensive practitioner training with Aleya as well as being coached on utilizing the protocols in their one on one sessions.

Francesca Sun

Creating Beloved Relationships

An Innovative Energetic Approach and Guidance for Bringing in the Beloved and Being in Right Relationship

Ponder what it feels like….

To wake up every day feeling so loved and cherished.
To be blissfully happy in your current relationship.
To be seen and heard by your partner.
Or, if you’re single, to finally delete your dating profile because you are in a loving relationship.
To stop reading and listening to blogs, books, and programs with tips and techniques about the mind of the opposite sex, finding your person, and dating.


There’s a prevailing theme for relationships to become routine over time.  Life gets busy and it becomes easy to stop listening to your partner, but really listening to them.  You’ve been with them for years and think you “know” them. Or vice versa.  You feel like you are going through the relationship motions and don’t feel that excitement and connection you once did.  You feel unappreciated and taken for granted more days than not.  This is a slippery slope that can lead to a deeper disconnection. This makes you sad and long for the days of the butterflies you felt when you were first together.  You think of the rush of excitement you felt when their name would pop up on a text.  You want to feel that again.  There’s so much societal pressure to just getting into a relationship, but nobody seems to offer much guidance about BEING in relationship long term.  Oh, I’m sure you’ve read articles that say trite blanket statements like “Be patient” or “listen to each other” or things along those lines but nothing is ever concrete of HOW to do that.  So, you then become frustrated and resigned to the idea of “it is what it is”. 


Maybe you’re back on the dating scene or still swimming in the dating pool.  You’re determined to find your person, but it’s taking for-ev-er.  You’ve read hundreds of profiles and gone on several dates but nothing seems to be clicking.  You’re not having any luck, so you redo your profile for the umpteenth time.  You read books and articles, listen to podcasts, sign up for free or paid workshops, do vision boards, write out a description of your ideal partner and their characteristics, and may even do a candle ritual hoping against hope that this is the one thing that will finally shift things for you. You take it all to heart and follow the advice and do everything conceivable. Nothing shifts.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  You may feel depressed and “love broken”.  You feel like you will never have the love that you crave so deeply in your core.  You even stop talking about it with your friends and family because in their attempt to “help” you, they say things like “it happens when you’re not looking for it” or “maybe you should take a break” or “have you tried (fill in the blank with some overly obvious action that you have already thought of and done)”.  All of that just makes you feel worse about your situation, lonely, and hopeless.  You may even feel angry about how difficult it seems for you and so dang easy for others.


I get it.  I really do. I am all too familiar and have experienced both situations and felt at one point that I would lose my mind from the frustration of it all. 


Ever since I was a little girl, I had an inner knowing that I was meant for Beloved right relationship and there was a boy out there just for me.  In fact, I remember when I was around ten and lazing in the grass and looking up at the sky and smiling knowing that my Beloved was somewhere looking up at the sky at the same time and thinking of me.  Then the unthinkable happened.  I’m referring to the two situations above.  How could it be?  I stepped back and took more time to reflect.


Here’s when the magic begins…. I began working with Aleya and had so many insights.  I was so emotional around the topic that I had no clarity.  She was the lifeguard in the chair with the ability to see me swimming in circles. I realized the main reason none of what I had been doing was working was because I was trying to use someone else’s ways for finding the Beloved and being in right relationship.  Total game changer!  It was like trying to use someone else’s pin with my atm card – no dice.  So many pieces and layers started to fall into place as I stepped into and owned my own mastery and way of being in right relationship. Finally!  That little girl in the grass had all the answers and she forgot who she really was but now remembers who she is – a Love Master. 


I’ve got some great news for you… YOU CAN have the Beloved Relationship you crave so earnestly!  I’ve helped women go from single with no profile or current dating experience to being in a loving right relationship. I have also helped women in relationship to fine tune it to the relationship they love.


Now it’s your turn to see how I can be of service to you!


If you’re ready to enter into or level up your Beloved Relationship, I would be honored to work with you.


I am a certified Seven Cups of Consciousness practitioner, Shamanic sound healer, teacher, and energy coach with over 20 years experience.


My mastery is the Journey of Love from attracting in the Beloved to happily being in right relationship as well as gracefully and easily dissolving inappropriate relationship.


I love Love.  The Journey of Love is passionate, playful, and joyful.  You will experience a heart expansion, feel a deeper sense of connection, eliminate the fear of abandonment, and create much more joy. 


So, tell me, when do we start?!


Much love and joy,


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60 minute One On One Session: $155.00
30 min Follow Up: $65.00

I am in such gratitude for my time with Francesca !!! While we ( me / bd and teams ) have been so blessed to work with Aleya ( through Cups / 1:1 and Small group energetic sessions ) my recent session with Francesca brought to “ light “ a particular juggernaut in Bd’s love grids I /she hadn’t been ready to reveal - but with the assistance of Francesca’s guidance / coaching - we were able to bring awareness ( and then shifting 🙏🏽) to this buried discordant empathic “ belief “ ,
I highly recommend Francesca’s services !! 🌸🌻🧚🏽‍♀️💕😘
Carolyn Jayne 09/10/2022
Francesca helped me with an issue that came up in my new relationship that had my body tied up in frozen mode. She found the root of the issue quickly. And as she led my body toward freedom, I felt completely comfortable, as she held a very strong container to free my body out of constriction. Results were immediate relief, calm, and deeper sense of feeling grounded. Many thanks!!
Karyn D. 04/25/2022
A session with Francesca is a joyful, light, and fun experience. She creates a very safe space in which I felt like I was in a sacred temple and/or Willy Wonka's glass elevator.

Francesca's sense of humor while super fun is also grounded and a place where I could be vulnerable and go deep in my questions and experiences. Her wisdom and sight stretches across time and the dimensions. She has great clarity and a very kind and relatable way of describing what she senses.

Afterwards I felt hope and excitement that my potential partner, who I already feel connected with, is here in the present moment and it is just a matter of time before we meet. Dating apps here I come. :)

I am looking forward to my next session with Francesca.
Deb P. 03/13/2022
Today the energy clearing was some of the best and most intense I've ever experienced 🙏🙏🙏🙏
I really feel a dramatic difference! I don't know how you work that magic fairy dust but it's incredible! 🙏✨
Thank you so much!
Anonymous 01/01/2022
60 minute One On One Session: $155.00
30 min Follow Up: $65.00

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