One on One Session with a 7 Cups of Consciousness Practitioner

Each practitioner has studied with Aleya exclusively for 3 years or more. They have each completed 2 year intensive practitioner training with Aleya as well as being coached on utilizing the protocols in their one on one sessions.

Meir Ozveren

Are you ready to open your spiritual lens and discover a whole new world?

Imagine…You are never alone. Your feel the support of your guides and the angelic ones every day. You discover a whole new world full of love and joy. You can hear your guides and team and follow their guidance in your life decisions. You receive appropriate galactic transmissions to awaken in a gentle way. Wouldn’t it be so supportive and joyful? There is a whole new world out there calling you.

Maybe you are asking there should be something more than the physical world you see. You have your family and friends but you still feel lonely and need support. You have reached a point in life where you are not satisfied with the things you have. You are looking for a meaning in your life. You have experienced many challanges and you want to understand why all of these have happened. You need tools to shift your life from the autopilot mood and take a new direction.

I coach people on how to use their intuition and spiritual senses to gain more support, clarity and ease in life. While working with me, you will discover your own gifts and wisdom and have life long access to the techniques I will share with you. 

About me...

I was blessed with my gift to hear my guides from an early age; angelic messages, which have always showed me the way. I have been very sensitive to the energies of others around me. I didn’t have any tools and knowledge while I was growing up and I didn’t have an easy ride. Being a super sensitive child, it took me years to differentiate other’s issues, feelings from mine. I was also scared of my abilities because no one around me was perceiving the other realms and the beings of love and light. I compared myself to my friends, suppressed my emotions, felt as an outcast. I had depression, anxiety, insomnia episodes on and off until I started to learn how to balance myself and use my gifts wisely.

I studied my postgraduate degree in communications at Goldsmiths College and London School of Economics. Besides my academic background, I had practiced many different spiritual modalities for the last 18 years and most of them helped me to balance my energy and use my gifts wisely in different ways. When I had my first session with Aleya, the first thing she told me was “You are gifted, embrace your unique path of service.”

Since then, we have been working together to be connected but at the same time grounded and balanced in the physical world. Today I am living a happy and fulfilled life in London, UK and serving my clients from all over the world.

You will be guided to meet your angelic crew, feel their love and support, and hear their guidance for you. You will start to clear the load that belongs to others from your shoulders and have clean, strong energetic fields. Sometimes spiritual guides may give specific messages that can help to shift certain challanges in your life.

During your session, you will be able to witness your own ability to tap into your energetic fields and get to the source of what is causing a certain issue.  At the end of each session, I may do a complimentary consciousness upgrade transmission if you wish.

My interview with Aleya:

You are never alone.

A magical world is waiting for you.

Are you ready?

If so, book a session with me now.


60 minutes: $155.00

I was immediately put at ease when I worked with Meir for his expertise and clarity pinpointing my blind spot on my deepest challenge I was so ready to shift but was not able to place a finger on what it was. I wasn’t able to shift this challenge no matter what I did then as we were talking and it hit me oh, I took responsibility of this person and I was feeling all of their emotions and thoughts. I was beyond appreciative of shifting this challenge that had been pestering me for months.
Nina 07/03/2022
Providence brought Meir into my life at a time I most needed to heal from years of trauma and old wounds. Through regular sessions with him, I have felt an immense shift within me. His guidance has helped me align to my personal power and expression, and I have experienced considerable mental and spiritual growth since first meeting him.

I am always honest with him and am also open to the protocols he is guided to do for me. When I express to him an issue that is either bothering me or debilitating me, he very quickly zooms in on it and helps clear it.

I would highly recommend sessions with Meir to anyone, whether it is to help sort out current emotional and relationship issues, karmic or energetic clearing or for spiritual ascension. Meir is professional yet patient, kind and compassionate. His intuitive work is unique and effective.

I take this opportunity to thank you, Meir, for the deep, positive changes that I have experienced since our first meeting. I am extremely grateful to the Universe for guiding me to connect with you.
Sathia 05/20/2022
I have been working with Meir for a long time. And once again , i just want to thank him with all my heart for his patience for me.. He is always so kind and gentle.
What does he do? He introduces you with the most important thing that will be all around you and near you in all your lifetime.. you will not need to anybody and anything but just in your inner light! You will be creating whatever you want by using your own gifts .The only thing you have to do is checking yourself !! just to realize what you feel, name it, and transform the feelings!! By start doing this you will reach to your best potential. That is what I did!!!
Zeynep 05/17/2022
Meir is, quite literally, a godsend. Calm, kind, wise and warm, the rare combination of therapeutic modalities he is able to bring into play is truly unique. Taking a chance and trusting him with my personal circumstances has been one the the greatest decisions I have ever made, and I am deeply grateful for his help and guidance as I chart my way through the opportunities and vissicitudes of life.

Whether one is looking for love, help with their relationships, careers or finances, or indeed assistance with more esoteric energetic experiences, Meir’s radiating love and understanding is an exceptional foundation through which one can attend to their past whilst building towards their future.
Giri 05/09/2022
It’s been an amazing journey to find my real self with Meir. The most beautiful thing in this path is being aware of what was already gifted to me. We developed a great teacher-student relation to experience these gifts in my life journey, which is the most enjoyable part of this adventure. I’m grateful to him for his priceless support and encouragement from my deep heart.
Abdulkadir 05/09/2022
60 minutes: $155.00

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