One on One Session with a 7 Cups of Consciousness Practitioner

Each practitioner has studied with Aleya exclusively for 3 years or more. They have each completed 2 year intensive practitioner training with Aleya as well as being coached on utilizing the protocols in their one on one sessions.

Astarah Rose

You lost a loved one.  You are tormented.  

You want them to have Peace.  

You can feel how they don't.  

You would do anything to help your loved one find peace.  

You don't know how to help them find peace.

You will feel reassured, soothed, confident, and calm in your knowing that your loved one is not alone, is safe and comfortable and right where they need to be for thier soul and bodies evolution.

Do You want to feel Safe and know that You can connect/communicate with them, and if you choose, exponentially increase their growth and evolution on the other side?

Contact me and I will hold a safe and sacred space while guiding you to make that connection with your loved one who is about to pass or who is already on the other side.

About Me:

I am a Seven Cups of Consciousness Master Practitioner, trained clairvoyant, ordained minister and life coach with over 20 years of experience.  My mastery is helping you and your loved one on the other side find Peace.

It is the most powerful form of service and love We can do.

When I was 8 years old my grandmother had cancer.  The day before she passed I was walking by her hospital window and I heard her, in my head, say to me, "It's all going to be OK."

At her open casket funeral, I looked in, and said to anyone who was listening,  "That is not my grandma."

Over the next 20 years, I experienced other beings out of bodies but they did not communicate back to me.

Soon after buying my first home in 1994 I would wake up in the middle of the night and swear there was a presence in the hallway.  After a few nights of this, I woke up, looked into the hall and there was an older couple there.  They were transparent and I knew they wanted to communicate with me.  I said to them.  "What can I do for you?"  The man replied,  "Will you take care of the roses?"  We had old well kept rose bushes in the back yard.  I said, "Of course I would."  They thanked me, dissapeared and I never saw them again.

Later that year I started my clairvoyant training and would see and communicate with hundereds of spirits including those who are about to or have passed to the other side.

This gift has been honed by the practices and tools of the Seven Cups of Consciousness.

A few years ago my father passed.  He had numerous heart issues, ones doctors could not solve.  After being in ICU for a couple of weeks he was released to go home.  I knew he was afraid to die.  In the higher realms we communicated and showed him and his body deva what thier next steps on the other side could look like.  After this communication he was no longer afraid to die.  He passed peacefully in his sleep several days later. 

We communicate often.  He is happy and on his path of growth and evolution.

You can book one free introductory session with one practitioner on the platform.

If you have already worked with this practitioner you are not eligable for a free introductory session.

(You can't book one free introductory session with multiple practitioners, just one.)

Distant Healing for Surgery: $60.00
One On One Session: $185.00
45 minute One On One Session: $95.00
Free 30 min. Introductory Session: $0.00

I worked with Astarah and I immediately felt her mastery insetting up the space, the boundaries, the protocols. I loved the way she allowed some moments of silence to integrate and the way she was scanning layer by layer to do the work in a very systematic and laser clear way. Thank you Astarah
Pilar Valencia 06/04/2022
Working collaboratively with Astarah was a sweet, enlightening experience. She easily connected to the wound surrounding my childhood pet, baby doggie and the deepest challenge and common theme my husband and I share. After activating the spiritual lesson, Deb and I perceived a future puppy coming into my life. Healing the wound allowed me an opportunity to confidently move forward in the process of searching for my own puppy. With Astarah’s clarity, warm and safe disposition it was very easy to open up to my current challenge. I recommend Astarah for any upset, challenge surrounding a loss of a person or beloved pet.
Nina 03/20/2022
Working with Astarah to connect to loved ones who have passed has been insightful and healing. Astarah navigates the journey with detailed imagery using her strong intuition to connect. The information she gathered and shared about my cousin who passed aligned with how he was in life. I knew she had connected to him and it was comforting to know where he was in his process.
Kim 03/08/2022
Distant Healing for Surgery: $60.00
One On One Session: $185.00
45 minute One On One Session: $95.00
Free 30 min. Introductory Session: $0.00

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