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Team Help by Increasing Support

Use this Cup to help your Team increase support for themselves. This Cup is great for getting out of despair, feeling hopeless, or if you are wondering how you are going to move forward and manifest your desires.


  • Invite your Team and Guides to  tap into all of the dimension where they have resources support, information, connections, contracts, and agreements that help them serve you.
  • Invite your Team and Guides to hold the vibration of support in their divine lines. 
  • Hold your awareness in your divine line and hold space for your Team and Guides to access more support.
  • Invite your Team to rally all the support and resources they can, for the more supported they are the more they can support you.
May your Team and Guides access all the support in all realms where they express themselves, so they can support you to a greater degree.


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These are great.They fit in well with todays energy.

Recorded 04/12/2017