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Amplify Your Multi-Dimensional Self - Actualization - Using Your Connection to Other in the Other Realms

Use this sweet, deep Cup to use your awareness of the higher realms to move into greater states of self-actualization. Connect with Souls love and light that are in the other realms to increase your awareness of your divine self.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Firmly attach your divine line to the front of your spine.
  • Think of a loved one, friend, Archangel that is in a higher realm.
  • Invite your Higher Self to connect with them at the level of their Higher Self.
  • Open lines of communication and connection.
  • Witness and acknowledge this Soul.
  • Invite them to witness and acknowledge you.
  • Amplify the light of your essence in this higher realm and reflect that divine aspect of yourself into all aspects of your being.
May you use your connections, love, and awareness of those you love in the higher realms to move into greater states of self actualization.


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So perfect! Perfect timing! ...tenderness. real. deeply moving. wow! TYSM for following your heart essence and always, always holding up the "direction" sign along the way--(seeing Aleya w/ a neon vest on and directing traffic;-) Hugs!
Thank you so much for your great meditation! Your explanations always encourage me and delete my confusion. Various physical pain and wave of emotions often makes me unable to literally move. Thank you for your reminding me I should be royal to me. 'Firmly attach my Devine Line' that's my only thing to do! I finally got this from the bottom of heart. Thank you, Aleya!
I saw three of my loved standing together as I.. Very strong and powerful.
donna r
THANK YOU for this one. I have tried on my own and your guidance sure makes this easier. Very profound and now becomes my go-to meditation. Hugs......and keep up the great work of training us!!
Yes, lovely mirroring effect, your voice and intention, crystal clear, repeated meditation solo and experienced deeper connection with loved one, definitely good practice, thank you for the info on the lil' sip.
This was so touching - it actually moved me to tears! - Thank you!

Recorded 08/10/2018