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Increase the Vibration and Resources of Your Team

This Cup is to help your Team increase their vibration and embody the qualities they desire. The more your Team is supported the more they have the capacity to support you.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you and your body to connect with your Team.
  • Invite your Team to ponder the qualities, consciousness, and resources they wish to embody and access for themselves.
  • Encourage your Team to activate sacred spheres that hold these qualities, consciousness, and resources.
  • Invite your Team to open their receptors that enable them to receive these qualities.
  • Invite your Team to recalibrate all of their communication mechanisms.
May your Team access and embody the consciousness and resources they desire, which positively impacts you.

This is a very potent, layered TALL Cup session that also goes deeper into this concept Take One for Team TALL Cup.


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My team desires the vibrations of giving; in giving it opens them to receive, which in turn they model that to me.
donna r
I have a deeper awareness of how to encourage and support my team to activate and amplify the vibrations they desire for their greatness happiness and a have deeper understanding. Thank you, Aleya. 😊
This one brought with it a lovely sense of peace. Thank you!

Recorded 12/12/2018