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Body Deva Control

I asked my body deva what she wanted for her birthday and she said, "control." I was happy to oblige and thus this cup. When you return the responsibility for controlling the body back to the body it then has the capacity to control itself to a greater degree. Which is a good thing...

  • Energetically locate and return all responsibility for controlling your body to your body deva's Higher Self.
  • Tones and light language to help the return of all control that belongs to your body.
  • Travel up to your Higher Self and connect with your body deva at the level of its Higher Self.
  • Invite your body deva to hold full responsibility for controlling itself and make the choices that help it move into greater states of joy, health, and vitality.
  • Invite your body deva to locate its divine blue print for health and vitality and to reflect that energy down to itself here in the physical realm.
  • Travel down your divine line and hold your awareness on the front of the spine.
Wishing you graceful, thoughtful control.


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User Comments

Thank you and a very Happy Bithday to you Aleya!
So beautiful! My body deva thanks you! Thank you Aleya!
Loved the meditation..thank you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS
You Go Body Deva Happy Bithday to you. Nice meditation
Thank you so much for this and congratulations for your birthday. Love and blessings !
Loved the toning and light language. When you said to travel up to up to my Higher Self I was there with both of them. Can't describe the feeling of meeting them and "physically" being able to make that connection.
I'm with Terri. I know you've said it over and over but I didn't understand that the Body Deva had a Higher Self and the degree to which "I" needed to take care of Her.
Happy Belated Birthday Aleya! Blessings, love & light
Emily DeVargas
Thanks Aleya! My husband was wondering how do you discern where the consciousness of the body deva begins and the consciousness of the soul ends. After living together for so long that line of distinction seems fuzzy.
This was what I was asking for, but I hadn't vocalized yet! Thanks!
This was what I was asking for, but I hadn't vocalized yet! Thanks!

Recorded 09/29/2014