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Get Grounded and Energetically Clean Sound Healing Bath

Use this sound bath to ground and clean your energetic fields. We are getting lots of energetic downloads. When your energy fields are clean and you are grounded the downloads are far easier to handle.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Tones to clean your energetic fields. (Tone along if you choose.) Cleansing tones often have a discordant tone, kind of like a scrub brush.
  • Tones to help you ground.
  • As the Soul rider, ground by firmly attaching your divine line to the front of your body's spine.
  • Invite your body to ground in it's own way.
  • Spin your fields in a clockwise to protect, tonify, and buffer you.
May you hold a clean and grounded stance as you move in the day.
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Very soooothing. Thank you.
Lovely and powerful. Thank you! As always, perfect for today ♡
Great grounding tones, thank you!
This was wonderful, thank you

Recorded 05/22/2019