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Reorganize and Recalibrate Your Grids 5/16/22

Yesterday's full Moon total lunar eclipse coupled with Mercury retrograde created an energetic reweaving in the higher realms.

More specifically a full throttle reorganization of your grids on every level is happening.

What does that really mean?

Have you felt a little disorganized lately?

Internally and or externally?

Do you keep losing things or forgetting time?

When we have a total eclipse during Mercury Retrograde the energy does a reweaving of your etheric road map.

I will talk about this more in the TALL Cups tonight.

And, in the meantime sip on today's gentle slow recalibration reorganization of your grids cup.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Teams to reference the dimensions where you are holding all of your etheric grids.
  • Hold conscious awareness as some energetic aspect of you reweaves and reorganizes your grids.
  • Light language to help you reorganize and recalibrate all of your grids.
  • Light language translation - Hold space for the energetic aspect of you to strengthen, repair, and reorganize your grids with more clarity, motivation, flow, empowerment, connection, discernment, inspiration, and safety.
  • Hold space to complete this work in the higher realms.

Consciously and energetically reorganize your etheric grids for greater flow.

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Comments & Discussion

it was amazing. bless you ^,^
May 25th 2022
Another beautiful gift from you and you team. Thank you.
May 16th 2022
May 16th 2022
Thank you Aleya, Yesterday, the shadow Divine Feminine energy was playing. Took me a while to recognize. I was stuck in the layers from the past grievances until that moment of clarity.
May 16th 2022