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The Gentle Empowered Bloom TALL Cup of Consciousness Session
TALL Cup January 3, 2018 This Session Covers the Following.... Start the year off with a clean slate. Allow the empty stance to create a void where everything is created from. Release outer struggles. Move into a gentle, expansive, supportive, empowered... (More...)

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Rounding the Bend TALL Cup 12-11-17
Rounding the Bend Tall Cups December 11, 2017 This Session Covered...   Create a protected, safe and supported space during times of release by locating the appropriate dimension for you the soul rider, body deva, and team members individually... (More...)

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The Sound Grid Reboot TALL Cup - 10-26-17
The Sound Grid Reboot Tall Cups  98% of challenges come from challenges in past incarnations that have gotten triggered in this incarnation. The energy is malleable for the next 3 months and change is EASY! Located unhealed trauma in... (More...)

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Divine Intervention Support TALL Cup 11-20-17
Support, Empowerment, Gentle Release   The Divine Intervention Tall Cups Covers the following.... There is an ebb and flow of intensity. During the ebb we integrate and digest. Flow creates intensity, downloads, releases, etc. Shifting fear of failure and self-sabotage.... (More...)

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24. Alignment, Intentions and Luck TALL Cup
This hour long video helps you clear blocks and limitations. Align your actions with your intentions. Help the body find balance and a higher vibration and consciousness. An incredibly powerful session! Clear the blocks. Align your behavior with higher... (More...)

01. Hear Guides, Ground, and Find Love TALL Cup
A potent 35 minute audio as well as video session to help clear fear, find clarity, move into power, hear your Guides, and open to love. Clear the fear. Release disorientation. Find inner power. Let go of the fear of... (More...)

23. Hear Guides and Increase Grounding TALL Cup
Hear your Guides, Increase Grounding, Expand, and Love The topics covered in this energy balancing session are the following.  Increase grounding in the expansion. Navigate perpendicular time. Increase your ability to hear your Guides. Get your Team to buffer the energy... (More...)

22. New Body Grids TALL Cup
New Body Grids TALL Cup A deeply moving session, with many releases, and tears of relief, as well as increased support. Clear blocks  Find a greater support from Earth and your animal totem Access support from the higher realms Release the... (More...)

20. Clear Blocks and Activate Abundance TALL Cup
A beautiful, deep, trans-formative, and powerful session of clearing blocks and activating a template of abundance. Activate the template of support and trust at the back of the heart, and reflect it onto the third eye and... (More...)

21. Connect with Your Guides TALL Cup
Connect with Your Guides. A 45 min. video and audio TALL Cups session to help you connect with Guides. Open lines of communication, release the frustration, or confusion. Open the doorway into the higher vibrational realms. Activate your communication grids... (More...)

19. Silky Sweet Soothing TALL Cup
This session felt like moving from a dark room of gloom into a light room filled with laughing fairies, or like taking off a burlap shirt and putting on a silky one. A definite palpable shift... (More...)

18. Still-Point Inner Recalibration TALL Cup
Within this session is a deep inner recalibration, as well as a clearing of anger and irritation, and an increase in support in the higher realms and protection. The heart... (More...)

Tow Truck Session - Get Un-Stuck & Get HUGE Support Video
This session had the image and energy of getting un-stuck and receive huge levels of support. There is a deep clearing in dream time that will be happening as the old limitations release, especially ancestral.   Download this... (More...)

16. Embrace Change and Access Higher Vibration TALL Cup
Embrace Change and Access a Higher Vibration   A rich and deep session, with many layers. Gentle, yet profound. Release old patterns. Increase your vibration. Dissolve the grief and sadness. Connect with your Guides / Team and use them to buffer the... (More...)

15. Body Vitality and Support TALL Cup
A power packed session that cover the following topics. An hour long video of energetic protocols. You can also listen to this session as an audio file as well. Help the body access a higher consciousness and... (More...)

14. Gratitude Fuel TALL Cup
The Gratitude Fuel TALL Cup of Consciousness session.This session gives you a new rug, a vibrational blueprint from you in the future, like a preview.   Open your heart to the flow. Release the struggle as you tap into a... (More...)

13. The Inner Move Up and Eclipse TALL Cup
Get Out of the Rut TALL Cups of Consciousness Session. This session actually blew out the power 10 minutes into the session! This is only an audio session not a video session. This session helps you break through any... (More...)

12. Disorientation, Addictions, Dimensions TALL Cup
Clear addictions, disorientation, and access a higher dimension. This session covers the following: Release addictions and unhealthy habits. Heal the sadness of moving forward and letting go of the past. Find balance in a dimensional shift. Release the feelings of being... (More...)

11. All About The Body Deva TALL Cup
This TALL Cup covers the following pieces: Grounding meditation A visualization for connecting with the Body Deva Many ways to slow the process of aging. Diet, meditation, exercise, breath work, expensive creams like trans-d-tropin, therapies, ect.. Energetic Ways of Working with... (More...)

10. Love, Abundance, Connection TALL Cup
Increase Love, Connection, and Abundance This session covers the following pieces: Thank you so much for connecting with for an amazing and deep TALL Cups of Consciousness session last night, either over the internet, phone, and or in... (More...)

09. Motivation, Timing and Communication TALL Cup
Increase Motivation, Timing, and Communication A fast paced, jam packed hour long session to help... Motivation Clarity Timing  Communication  Releasing Irritability  Clearing the heart & solar plexus.  Releasing the boredom of the mundane. Allowing yourself to be of greater service in the higher realms.  Connecting with... (More...)

08. The Relationship Love TALL Cup
Find love, and create a healthy co-creative, intimate, beloved relationship. This TALL Cups session is 2 hours long. Jam packed with tools and healing for relationships.   The first section focuses on tools and healing for being able to be... (More...)

07. Ancestors, Release Lack, Increase Grounding TALL Cup
A powerful session for clearing issues of lack, inability to ground, move forward, and manifest. This session covers the following pieces. Gather energetic information from Earth how to ground in a deeply empowered and supportive way. Increase your magnetics... (More...)

06. Release Fear, Fatigue, Stress TALL Cup
A very powerful and deep session.  Increase support, release the fatigue, flat line, and lack of motivation. Release fatigue as a buffering system. Release co-dependence from the second chakra. Release fatigue as a protection mechanism. Ground using your Divine Line. Dissolve the cords... (More...)

05. Deep Clearing, Hope, Empowerment and Strength TALL Cup
Deep Clearing, Hope, Empowerment and Strength TALL Cup of Consciousness session.   This is a powerful and sweet session to asssit with the following... Release irritations with change. Release the issues and stress of the holidays. Reboot the body and move... (More...)

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Aleya's TALL Cups of Consciousness | Aleya's Conference Calls | Tall Cups Energy Healing Sessions

Aleya's TALL Cups of Consciousness | Aleya's Conference Calls | Tall Cups Energy Healing Sessions
Aleya's TALL Cups of Consciousness | Aleya's Conference Calls | Tall Cups Energy Healing Sessions