Energy Session Downloads

Download audio and video energy sessions with Aleya.
Relationship and Love
Healing sessions for creating and healing your relationships.
Meditation Bundles
Collections of meditations, videos, and healing session for relief of specific issues.
Manifesting Abundance Audio Files
Download the audio files for manifesting abundance. 30 to 40 minute audio files with energetic tools for manifesting.
Weight Loss Audio Downloads
Download the audio files for energetic support in weight loss. 30 to 40 minute sessions with energetic tools for weight loss.
Energy Balancing Audio Downloads
Energetic protocols for energy balancing in times of transformation. 30 to 40 minute audio sessions for balancing your energy.
Other Individual Protocols
Prepare for Surgery Connect with your Horse
01. Gentle Transitions Class [03/15/2021]
An hour and 30 minute class that covers the layers and energetic process with transition. How to help others and yourself