7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help you set up the energy, do higher vibrational work, and prepare for upcoming events. Release unhealthy habits. Let go of the rush and stress.

Use the Energetic Compression to Access the Intended Vibration

Do you feel squeeeeezed? As if you are in the middle of an energetic compression?

Use this meditation to connect with the compression to help you activate, access, and amplify the vibration your Soul is intending in your life.

Do you wish for greater peace, abundance, support, joy, trust, patience? Whatever the vibration is that you desire, invite this compression to activate this vibration within, so that it is reflected to you in your outer world. Use the pressure to activate your inner gem in your divine line.


Potential side affects: (This effects everyone a little differently)

  • Increased clarity and motivation
  • Heightened awareness 
  • Reflecting upon the past
  • Intolerance with old behaviors
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety, stress, overwhelm
  • Alternating fatigue and energy
Protocols in meditation:
  • Think of the vibration you are yearning for at this time.
  • Invite your Higher Self, Body Deva's Higher Self, and Team to activate this vibration in the divine lines.
  • Use the energetic compression to activate this vibration and the sacred shape of this vibration.
Audio Sample


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Comments & Discussion

Oh dear...I like the flute. :-) It doesn't distract me in the least. I like it.
May 21st 2013
reading Nicole's comment made me realize that is true for me too. now I can only hear the flute! lol... Aleya your voice is so calm and soothing. This was a gem and I really appreciate all the energetic support!
May 20th 2013
From Aleya
Nicole, Thanks so much for the feedback about the background music. I will take that into consideration with other cups.
Laurie, The crystals reside inside your divine line and can hold whatever vibration you intend. Amplify them with this beautiful energy today and radiate that energy within. This is such a powerful and potent time. What we focus on is what will be reflected back to us in our outer world. Aleya Dao
May 20th 2013
How synchronistic! I got the message in my morning meditation to work with crystals. Maybe I am the crystal...?
May 20th 2013
I love the toning in this one! I must finally admit, however, that I always find the flute background music used in rotation to be distractingly off in a meditation because the rhythm of the flute is fast and staccato and it does not match the vibe of your voice or the pace of the meditations. It makes it hard for me to listen. I would always prefer no music to this track and would be delighted to see it shelved!
May 20th 2013