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Believe In Yourself

Increase your capacity to believe in yourself and surrender to your highest potential, and manifest that in the physical realm.

  • Locate all responsibilities that you have given to others for believing in you and bring them back to your core.
  • Return all responsibilities for believing in others back to their right and perfect place.
  • Move into connection with your essence and move into a the stance of believing in your essence.
  • Bring yourself into a state of divine perception.
  • Believe in your capacity to grow, evolve, and serve.
  • Bring all of your will centers into alignment with believing in you.
  • Tap into that part of you that you can believe in.
  • Honor your unique lens.

May you believe in yourself today and always.


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The Early Years
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Today is actually the first day I have been able to listen to the mediation. You have a very lovely voice.. and the energy felt is wonderful.. Thank you!
March 3rd 2010