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Heal and Strengthen the Kidneys - Winter

In the vein of 2021, healing and awakening the body, use this Cup to heal and balance the kidney's. The winter time is linked with the Kidney's and with the element of water.

Winter time is a perfect time to strengthen your kidneys.

Eat more kidney beans (for real lol), eat Walnuts (if you are not allergic), eat seaweed and Miso soup.

Drink a kidney tonic tea at night or in the afternoon.

  • Invite your body to reference its etheric form.
  • Bring in a gentle cleansing current, color, sound, and vibration that gently cleans your etheric kidneys.
  • Clean and clear all cords, discord, fear, and perceptions of disconnection.
  • Bring in sounds, colors, and light that strengthen and heal the kidneys.
  • Bring in the vibrations of strength, courage, and empowerment.
  • Align and balance all of the crystalline structures around the kidney's.
  • Bring in shields and orbs of safety and calm.

May you use the winter time to strengthen and heal your kidneys.

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Comments & Discussion

Thank you Aleya, this hits home as I work in dialysis. May everyone please take care of your kidneys. They are so very precious. Loved this meditation. Hugs
January 9th 2021
Karyn DoveHawk
I didn’t know the kidneys were a part of the fight it flight response. Good to know!
January 8th 2021
Thank you for the image. It was easy to picture the meditation while listening. I felt my body deva shift into the healing energy. Much gratitude.
January 8th 2021