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Join the Gathering In the Higher Realms

A wave of consciousness that is rooted in love and abundance radiates from the higher realms. Tune in and feel the love, the joy, and connection.

  • Travel up the crystal elevator to the higher realms.
  • Be greeted by the angelic ones from a place of love and support.
  • Relay and receive appropriate information.
  • Calibrate your listening mechanisms to the sounds of love.
  • Tap into the relief and let go of the stress that has been felt in the higher realms.
  • Clear your energy fields of stress. Relax. Celebrate. Let go. Have a beer. (Just kidding.)
  • Move into gratitude for the work that has been done in the higher realms.
  • Come back into the physical realm in a whole and healed state.

Locate the love and joy and connection in the higher realms.

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The Early Years
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