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Move out of Mercury Retrograde

Use today's collection of Cups to gracefully move out of the cycle of Mercury Retrograde. 

  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to energetically reference the cycle and rhythm that is ending. 
  • In a higher realm allow for a conscious completion of this cycle.
  • Tones to allow for a conscious energetic release.
  • Calibrate your timing and communication grids for a new rhythm, cycle, and flow.
  • As you recalibrate reference the new cycle that you are moving into in a way that supports, empowers, and inspires you in every breath.
  • Invite your guides to help you recalibrate your grids in an empowering, graceful, and supportive way.
May you gently and gracefully move out of Mercury Retrograde and into a new supported flow.
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November 3rd 2020