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Release Self Doubt and Align With Your Intentions

Align with your intentions and release self doubt. We are now all operating in a higher vibration. Whenever we hold a higher vibration we can go into disorientation and confusion. So often we use our dreams and goals as orientation points for the direction in our life. Use this meditation to increase alignment with your intentions and feel the direction flowing from within you.

  • Locate the vibration of your soul's intentions for this life, relationships that you are in, and dreams that you hold in your heart.
  • Bring all of your intentions into alignment with those goals, and relationships.
  • Bring all of your orientation points back onto your divine line.
  • Calibrate your ears to the intentions of your Soul and your greatest happiness.
  • Clean and clear your perception mechanisms and the internal compasses that guide you and realign them to your Souls intentions.
  • Bring in a new guidance system and release the self doubt and reference point your guidance on your divine line.
  • Bring your conscious and unconscious, electrical and magnetic fields into alignment with your soul's intentions.
  • Paddle with the current instead of against it.
  • Bring all aspects of your being into alignment with your intentions.

May your life gracefully flow forward as all aspects of you support your hearts intentions.

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