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Time Stood Still Lullaby

More music less words. 

Use this cup to find a calm gentle flow to your day. You might even feel your eyes and ears getting altered for a higher vibrational way of perceiving.

This background musical track is recorded in 432 A, which is a harmonically balanced tuning, as opposed to 440 A.

When George and I were in the studio he created this beautiful piece of music. I asked him to listen to it tuned to 440 A, and then listen when tuned to 432 A. Within 30 seconds of listening to the 432 A version he was out cold.

I could feel the energy moving much more deeply when listening to the 432 A version.

I have been meaning to alter the tuning of all the instruments to 432 A for some time, and finally made the switch, and will never go back. :) 

I thank one of the daily cup subscribers for the gentle reminder and nudge, and to George for his willingness to leave the world of concert pitch and venture into the world of harmonic pitch.


Enjoy sweet and gentle background musical track. 

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Comments & Discussion

I was feeling extremely anxious and kind of out of this world and then I clicked on your music. I got instant relaxation. I'll play it throughout the day. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Aleya.
February 4th 2014
Love the tuning...thank you so much!
February 3rd 2014
I could loop it to make it longer, or you could...
Thank you for all the feedback. Aleya
February 3rd 2014
Melodic & so soothing. Thank you.
February 3rd 2014
Is it Possible to get in a longer version?
February 3rd 2014
Lovely and soothing! Thank you Aleya : )
February 3rd 2014
Sounds amazing the story you tell for this cup. Looking forward to ending my day with it now. Much love, Rachijpah
February 3rd 2014
Lovely! I'll play it as background music in my classroom. I look forward to the calming effect it will have on them. :) Monika
February 3rd 2014
Very nice!!! Brought tears and such relaxation... :)
February 3rd 2014
Very relaxing and soothing. I'll have to try tuning my flute to the harmonic C, I believe I have a tuning fork meant for that!
February 3rd 2014