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Use the Potent Feminine Energy to Manifest Your Desires

Use the potent feminine energy to manifest your desires. The divine feminine is alive and well. Use it to manifest your heart's desires. Locate the life force of your higher self and bring it down to you.

  • Locate the life force that flows from the heart of Earth.
  • Use these two currents of life force to create in the physical realm.
  • Bring your awareness into your creative mind, the dreamer. Search in your heart what it is you wish to manifest for yourself at this time.
  • Delve into the vibration of what it is you wish to manifest.
  • Locate that vibration within you and then tone it and reflect it externally.
  • The key to manifesting in the physical dimension is to CONSCIOUSLY REFLECT your inner vibration out into your world.

May you find totally clarity for that which you desire and may you find that vibration deep within you so you have the ability to create it in your outer world.

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