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Soul Rider Pull Yourself Into Your Divine Line Front of Spine

Pull all of your energy and awareness into your divine line with this Cup.

You are a Soul (being of light) riding in the body.

When you hold your energy just in your divine line, your body relaxes and moves into a healthier, more grounded, balanced way of being.

This is a really good practice to do once a week or anytime you have done a long drive, an airplane flight, a long train ride, drove a tractor for over an hour, or used a jack hammer. 

This practice can clear the inner shake, anxiety, or unsettledness.

  • Invite the Higher Self of you to reference all of your energy that may be outside your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you Soul rider to pull all of your energy back into your divine line/divine cosmic loop.
  • Equally distribute your light in your divine cosmic loop.
  • Find your freedom, your flow, and connection in your divine cosmic loop.
  • Pull your control back into your divine line.
  • Use your control to activate a soothing current in your divine line.
  • Open lines of communication and light between your divine line and your body's divine line.
  • Toning and light language to help you pull your energy into your divine cosmic loop.

Hold your energy in your divine line and ride right in the form.

How does this Cup feel for you and your body?

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September 24th 2021
September 24th 2021
I like both of these meditations. The second one feels beneficial for me right now
September 24th 2021
Calm Fortress
💘 Loved the practical advice of what 😳 to do if you can't sleep! Carla
September 24th 2021
“… or used a jack hammer.” Lol! Yay!
September 24th 2021