Release, Clear, Repair, Recalibrate

7 minute audio meditations to help you release unhealthy patterns and behaviors. Re-pattern yourself with healthy vibrations. Repair and heal.

Invite Your Body to Use Its Discord to Release

Help your body release any pain, fear, or struggle with the protocols and toning in this deep Cup.

Explore the idea that discord, pain, discomfort is a mechanism your body may be using to release.

Hold a conscious awareness of the release and then notice the shifts of how the pain/dissonance clears.

(This Cup is perfect to use during the last few days of a lunar cycle which is a powerful time to release when the energy levels are also lower and we allow for the slow flow... take naps, sit, ponder, and sleep more.)

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Connect with your body at the level of its Higher Self.
  • Reflect to your body any discord your body may be holding in its physical form.
  • Invite your body to explore the possibility that the pain it is holding is fuel that can help your body release old wounds, grids, control, fragments, power, and responsibilities that are not your body's.
  • Tones to assist your body in using the pain to release.
  • Hold space for your body to use the discomfort to let go and move into a more balanced healthier way of being.

Use the discordant energy to allow for a deep release.


For additional support listen to the Vibration Transformation TALL Cup

Super Luscious!

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Comments & Discussion

Much needed!!! Thank you so much, dear Aleya! ♥
December 1st 2021
i’ve had terrible sudden aches and stiffness all over this past week. it’s been easing up these last couple of days. thank you!
December 1st 2021
December 1st 2021
So very perfect, there was a smile on my face the entire time I was listening, once again thanks for the much needed message.
December 1st 2021
I started experiencing lower back pain last week it came and went and came back again. I had another episode yesterday. I couldn’t figure out why it was all of a sudden. This meditation is helping me understand and helping me release and let go. Thank you Aleya!😊🙏
December 1st 2021