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Expand Your Base Chakra

Get grounded by expanding your base chakra. When your focus is on spiritual growth and awakening, your crown chakra expands and often the crown is larger than the base chakra. When this happens you may feel unbalanced, ungrounded, clumsy, and may have a hard time manifesting. Use this Cup to increase support, grounding, and the ability to manifest.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite your body to connect with its base chakra.
  • Invite your body to spin its base chakra in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • Clean and expand the base chakra.
  • Tones to help clean and expand the base chakra.
  • Spin the base chakra in a clockwise direction which strengthens the base chakra.
  • Extend the roots to the heart of Earth and link with the Gaya grids.
May you stay grounded and supported as you awaken and expand.

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Comments & Discussion

Came back to this several times, it feels like a warm, supportive hug.
January 14th 2019
Thank you Aleya - was waiting for this one! I could feel it and will listen frequently this year. (Also: I really appreciate the clear description of clockwise and counterclockwise!)
January 11th 2019
Thank you so much for your feedback. Aleya :)
January 11th 2019
Wow! It is such a gentle and very expansive process. I have such love and gratitude for all that you do and share, thank you so much !
January 11th 2019