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Release and Receive

When you have a deep release it gives way to help you receive healthier, more supportive ways of being. During deep inner shifts you might feel a little bit like you are walking around feeling turned inside out. Use this Cup to release the anxiety as you orient and allow for the release.


  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body and Team to identify a core issue that is limiting you.
  • Use your energy fields and the higher realms to release this discordant way of being.
  • Use sounds, light, and sacred shapes to release the limiting pattern.
  • Think of a new habit or creative venture that you have been wanting to engage in for sometime.
  • Bring in energetic grids to help you engage in this healthier more creative activity that support your expansion.
May you release old ways of being as you embrace new patterns that support a beautiful expansion.


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User Comments

Thank you Aleya. As my intellectual mind tried to craft a response to what I wanted to release, my team and/or Higher Self gently chimed in with the perfect answer... I look forward to the release and ask for as smooth a ride as possible on this path. I so appreciate your generosity in sharing these protocols and beautiful music.🌠
For me in this present moment, this was exactly what I needed! Deep and profound. Thank you!
Sometimes the expansion is disorienting........grounding helps

Recorded 04/30/2018