Aleya's Music and Toning

Listen to Aleya's music, sound healing, and light language songs.

Toning Grounding and Clearing

This Cup is a simple, deep, grounding, clearing toning experience. This meditation is collection of sounds and a short protocol to help the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team invoke sacred shapes, sounds, and light that can help clean your energetic fields and ground you in a balanced and centered way.

  • Toning to clear and ground.
  • 2nd Chakra Crystal Bowl
  • Angels singing to help clean the fields.
  • Gentle background music that can help you get clear and grounded.
May you hold a clear, grounded, and centered state as you move in the world.


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Comments & Discussion

As always doing this meditation in 2020 and it is right on time and just what I needed! Thank you Aleya for archiving the meditations 🙋🏾‍♀️❤️
June 15th 2020
I needed to ground, thanks now I'm going to go for a walk in nature!
November 24th 2017
Thank you so much for your feedback 🙏🏻
November 24th 2017
This is beautiful, I also had tears but after the release it felt good. Thank you Aleya :)
November 24th 2017
Layered. Effective. Gentle tears/release 💗
November 24th 2017