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Access a Higher Vibrational Realm

Use today's cup to access a higher vibrational realm as we experience energetic downloads. For the last few days the energetic downloads have increased. When this happens you can get top heavy, head-achy, spacey, and ungrounded. This cup can help those sensations. The physical dimension consists of multiple layers. Each layer in the physical realm holds a specific consciousness and vibration. As we evolve we slowly, move up vibrationally. The higher a vibration we hold, the higher vibrational realm/layer we will then express ourselves in.

  • Energetically locate the higher vibrational downloads.
  • As that energetic aspect of you energetically locates these downloads we ask that an appropriate sacred geometric hologram is placed around you.
  • Invite the hologram to work with your energetic fields to help you move into a higher vibrational realm that is still in the physical realm.
May you have a deep knowing and connection with the higher realms.


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Recorded 07/06/2012