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Adjust Timing and Flow for Mercury Retrograde

On day 1 of Mercury retrograde use this Cup to assist you as you. Shift your timing and move into greater flow that allows for reflection, release, reinvention, and rest.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Very gently align your timing, rhythm, and flow for the cycle of Mercury Retrograde.
  • Move from a slower, deeper, more connected place.
  • Locate another dimension where you can rest, release, recalibrate, and reinvent how you move in the world.
  • Snuggle up onto the front of the spine and rest in your divine line. Allow for a deep integration of all that you shifted out of, and into.
May you move from a deeply connected reflective inner place.

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Thank you so much for THIS Mercury Retrograde perspective... so supportive, encouraging, and ... a relief! :)

Recorded 04/07/2017