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Balance the Electrical and Magnetic Energy in the Craniosacral Fluid

Use today's Cup to balance the electrical and magnetic frequencies within the cranio-sacral fluid, which increases circulation and flow, and relaxes the neck and shoulders. A prefect de-stressor.

This is a perfect meditation to do when you have a headaches after being exposed to higher vibrations, and... before, during, or after solar storms.

(Or before or after a TALL Cup.)

  • Invite your body deva to balance the electrical and magnetic vibration within its cranio-sacral fluid.
  • Take a deep breath and hold awareness that your body in a higher realm is using its energy fields to balance the energy within its cranio-sacral fluid.
  • Invite your body to balance the electrical and magnetic frequencies within the crystalline structures of the chakras,organs, meridians, and glands.
  • Gently release the tension off the neck and shoulder's.
  • Increase the flow in the divine cosmic loop of the body and invite the body to cultivate a greater connection with its essence, Nature, and Earth.
  • If your body has been exposed to higher vibrations, invite your body to expand its magnetics. The more grounded your body is the higher a vibration it can hold.
  • Tones and light language to assist your body in balancing its electrical and magnetic frequency in its cranio-sacral fluid.
  • Invite yourself " the Soul rider" to use your Higher Self to firmly attach yourself to the front of your spine as your body balances itself.
May your body hold balance within itself and model that in the world.


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Recorded 12/09/2016