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Invite your Body to Take Responsibility for Its Evolution

This Cup is a protocol from the Deep Dive in Avila. Use it to invite your body deva to take responsibility for its own growth and evolution.

  • In a higher realm sit with your body deva and explore the possibility that your body gave responsibility for its evolution to another.
  • Invite your body to take responsibility for its own growth and evolution.
  • Invite your higher self to take full responsibility for your own growth and evolution.
  • Model that to your body. Send energetic information to your body.
  • Encourage your body to be 100% responsible for its own spiritual growth and  evolution.
  • Remind your body that it doesn't need to go through an accelerated aging process,  experience injury, or disease as a mechanism for awakening and evolving.
  • Invite your body to utilize all of the resources in all dimensions within Earth to awaken.
  • Invite your body to think of a nature spirit that your body really resonates with, maybe fairies, crystal people, or an eagle.
  • Invite your body to connect and with that realm, and to be recognized in that realm by the energy and the consciousness in that realm.
  • When your body is witnessed in that other realm it awakens.
  • When your body witnesses this other realm that realm awakens more. 
May your body hold responsibility for its own awakening process and model that in the world.


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Recorded 04/17/2019