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Toning For a High Clear Vibration

As I tuned into the energetic weather for this cup I was gifted a beautiful collection of sounds. I felt a desire to create a sound-scape that could effortlessly raise one's vibration, clear the goo, and increase clarity. As I pondered this desire I heard a combination of three sounds. Toning the hu sound, whales singing, and angels singing. 

The sound hu increases our vibration. The whales ground, and the angels open the crown. The high tone in this piece is INDEED the angelic realm. One day they allowed me to record them for a little pinch of time.

This cup is a magical combination of these three in a powerful sound scape. 



Audio Sample


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Comments & Discussion

Love this one, Aleya. Resonated deeply! Thank you!
July 7th 2014
Amazing! Magical! Powerful!
July 7th 2014
Magical Energy....Thank You
July 7th 2014
Expansive, joyous, grounding, loving!! Creative. I felt the beautiful creative energy in the depths of my womb and found myself massaging my lower tummy, while my Heart Chakra expanded to forever. Thank you. Many Blessings, Many Expanded and Returned Blessings. With Love, Lorna
July 7th 2014
Just what the doctor ordered........lovely :) looking forward to tonight's tall cups! thanks Aleya!
July 7th 2014
This one got my attention.
July 7th 2014
This one is a keeper for sure! In full lotus I drifted off into ... Somewhere! Thank you. Can't wait for tonight's Cups!
July 7th 2014
I love this!!! And exactly what I needed today. Thank you! See you tonight 😊
July 7th 2014
It felt like I was at a sacred place inside a cavern; I loved it.
July 7th 2014
Beautiful, majestic, magical! Made me burst in tears. Thank you, Aleya!
July 7th 2014
Pure beauty.thank you
July 7th 2014
I liked it. Awesome combo that helped me wake up (I was sleepy tired) and align with who I am.
July 7th 2014
Thank you Aleya this was the most perfect way to start my day !
I wish I could listen to it all day and I will whenever I get a chance.... it is so beautiful.
July 7th 2014
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Brought together so beautifully! I loved every second of it! Kim
July 7th 2014
This was excellent prep for the day. It cleared all the chakras to allow fresh energy to flow. Awesome!
July 7th 2014