7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help you increase empowerment, protection, calm, increase hope, self love, support, and trust. Release unhealthy patterns. Release the victim energy.

Hold Boundaries Without Anger

Come back to Earth and hold appropriate boundaries without the edge. After we are exposed to high energy, we open up and our protection mechanisms and the ways in which we hold boundaries shift.
Use this Cup to hold appropriate boundaries after a big heart and energy opening. This will help you hold your heart open, while at the same time hold appropriate boundaries.
Take a deep breath and let yourself react with grace instead of anger. When in doubt, do not respond.

  • Gather your awareness into the present breath of now
  • Energetically locate the perimeter of your energetic fields
  • Infuse the consciousness of divine boundaries into the physical realm
  • Tones to clean and clear
May you hold appropriate boundaries with love and compassion.



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Comments & Discussion

Thank you, it was just what i needed!
August 21st 2012
I am so glad this one resonated. The boundaries started to get pushed on Sunday and it looks like it will last until Wednesday, when the energy shifts and things lighten up a bit.
Thank you SO Much for you feedback. Aleya
August 20th 2012
Dear Aleya...Brother!!! Was THIS ever PERFECT!!! :)
Thank you! xoxo
August 20th 2012
So many times I am amazing at the synchronicity of the Daily Cups. I was going to wait to listen ( it is normally my morning routine) but agreed to wait and go earlier than I had intended with my daughter. Funny, I decided to listen and push it back a few. And WA LA! Just what I needed. Divine Chuckle! And there is the "thousand layers of Light" again! LOVE LOVE that! I used it so much while I was going to school that my good friend from school still reminds me of it! with much gratitude for your generosity of Spirit, Aleya ( p.s. going to download the relationship video - even I don't have a partner I can use my daughter to practice these skills. :)
August 20th 2012
I could feel the power in this one, although my mind/thoughts were really difficult to harness this morning. They kept drifting into the future, imagining events with people that might happen. I found I had to keep reining my thoughts in to stay in the now. I'll need to listen to this one again.
August 20th 2012