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Power Day! Clear 3rd Charka

Access Your Power.

As we increase our vibration, power issues can arise. This includes issues around control, controlling, being controlled, feeling controlled by the mind or the emotions of others. Clean and clear the power center and your third chakra.

The toning in the beginning of this meditation may not sound that pleasant but it is intended to clear so hang in there and try to tone the goo out and then bring in the clean clear power.

Also, anytime we move to a higher vibration we start to access more power. This can be a little unsettling if we are carrying any power that is not our own.

Let go of that which is not yours and use your power on you and for you.

  • Bring your awareness to your third chakra.
  • Your third chakra holds your will, your power, your control.
  • Clear all cords and return all power that is not yours back to its right and perfect place.
  • Bring all your power back to you and use it on you and for you from a place of integrity, love, and grace.
  • Heal all of the crystalline structures within and around your third chakra.
  • Calibrate your power to be used on you and for you in every breath.
  • Update your reference points.

May your power swell within you from a point of grace and integrity.

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