Grounding and Magnetics

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help increase grounding and your connection to Earth. Increase your ability to manifest. Find calm, energy, and passion.

Get Off the Gerbil Wheel of Enlightenment

Between the breathless moments, get off the gerbil wheel of enlightenment and be in the "now" instead of rushing to the "there." This is a great one to listen to in order to release the "am I ever going to get there?" energy.

  • Let go of the idea that there is a "there."
  • Bring up your belief system that there is a "there."
  • Energetically locate the "there" in the future.
  • Energetically locate the mechanism you are using that keep you out of the present moment.
  • Bring in the energetic mechanism that keeps you in the moment.
  • Be here now, instead of in the there, which is never here.
  • Bring in a more evolved, present mechanism.
  • Bring your reference points for your evolution in the breath of now.

May you find courage and strength in the present moment.


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