Grounding and Magnetics

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help increase grounding and your connection to Earth. Increase your ability to manifest. Find calm, energy, and passion.

Ground without Fatigue or Depression

This is a simple yet sweet meditation to help you ground without the fatigue or depression. Whenever we are exposed to high vibrations, it is wise to increase and strengthen our grounding mechanisms. If we are not super grounded when these energetic surges occur, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, and depression can all be ways in which we are trying to buffer the energy. Use this cup to release the fatigue, headache, or depression.

  • Locate your grounding grids / magnetics / roots.
  • Gently infuse the consciousness of empowerment, expansion, and wisdom into your magnetics / roots.
  • Tones to help ground without fatigue or depression.
  • Release all mechanisms for grounding that are held from the vibration of fatigue or depression.
  • Ground using more evolved mechanisms.

Wishing you empowerment and expasion while you are grounding with grace.

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Comments & Discussion

Listened AM & PM, Very effective in the grounding as well as the releasing, thank you
October 1st 2012
This cup will also help body pain. The downloads have been very intense for the body.
October 1st 2012
Wow.... Super emotional as I release old thick dark murky grounding mechanisms & bring in new light beams of truth, abundance, & joy to ground with.
October 1st 2012