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Receive Energetic Bundle From the Angelic Realm Light Language

Use this Cup to turn off the mind and let your Higher Self open to receive the energetic bundle coming in from your angelic guides and advisers. When the veils between the realms feel thin and the angelic realm is coming close, it is an easy time to open and get their guidance, information, and feel their support.

  • Light language toning activation to help you open to receive information and energetic activations and healing.
  • Awaken and heal the Kundalini current within you.
May you open to receive information and healing that awakens and inspires you.

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WOW - a hat trick of creative power punch! This was truly amazing! Thank you...
I appreciated the light language. Namasté
Wonderful. Thank you for the feedback. Aleya
Wonderful light language! Thanks
It's up to me as to how deep and vast I want to go with these meditations, the second one was especially very beneficial for me, palpable, expansive, great trio, energy fields lighter, creative juices flowing!

Recorded 03/27/2015