Mass Consciousness

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help release the stress of mass consciousness. Increase your own divine connection.

Release the Loneliness

Dissolve the Loneliness. As we go through energetic enlightenment the veils between the realms dissolve. The veils create a perception of separation. As these veils dissolve this perception of loneliness dissolves as well. Whenever we release something it lifts up and out of our conscious awareness. Which means we see it as it is lifting up and out. Let the loneliness go as it lifts up and OUT.

  • Light Language to release the loneliness.
  • Locate the loneliness that is lifting up and out and let it go.
  • Anchor in a greater perception of connection.
  • Activate your divine cosmic loop.
  • Increase your connection to your Guides and Spiritual Family.
  • Update your identity and personality grids.
  • Move inside yourself to move forward.

May you have clarity of the greater connection that you are moving into as the loneliness releases.

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